Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to become a mentor?

Would you want to make a difference in the life of a child? We ask each mentor to commit to one year of mentoring. It is possible to team up and mentor one child with another partner. We ask that you meet once a week for a minimum of one hour with your dreamer. We ask that you be the conduit of communication between Dream Catchers and your dreamer and their family. We ask that you participate in 2 of our fundraising activities and attend as many group mentoring activities as possible to act as chaperones and enjoy our fun activities with the children.

How do I become a mentor?

If you are interested in becoming a mentor to a student please contact Faith Lane at (563) 554-9559.

What is the Dream Catcher Group Mentoring program?

It is a program designed specifically to broaden the horizons of our youth. Field trips and guest speakers are almost non-existent in our school systems due to budget cuts. This program fills in the gap. We have guest speakers or go on field trips monthly with our participating students.

Field trips we have already done are: airplane hanger, photography studio, Des Moines Science Center and IMAX theater, a day at the University of Iowa college of engineering, Grist Mill in Muscatine, a bank, tour of the Iowa City Water Plant, Museum of Natural History in Iowa City, Mercy clinic, Dental clinic, Diversity Day at the University of Iowa, a musical, “In the Woods” at EC Mabry theater, and others. Each year we take the 6th graders to an elegant restaurant where they learn public manners and more. We have many more plans for future trips.

Some of the guest speakers have been the fire chief, police chief, librarian, banker, nutritionist, national guard, 4H, dancers, actors, first aid, speakers from Thailand and other countries. Guest speakers have spoken to our dreamers about renewable energy, internet safety, and many other crucial issues of the day. We have an annual picnic with all our students and their families. The students decorate a float which they ride on the next day in the annual Muscatine County Fair parade.

The group mentoring program involves a number of kids from WLCSD and has proven to be an effective way to assist our dreamers in a broader, more holistic approach beyond the one-to-one mentoring program.

Are all students able to participate with Dream Catchers?

All students from 3rd grade on are welcome to participate in our Monthly Group Mentoring program. The first meeting of each school year, the parents are invited to come learn about the program, get the schedule for the year, and fill out an updated permission slip for being in the program.

How are the students selected to be a “dreamer”?

Each year, five students are randomly selected from a pool of third grade low-income students, whose parents did not attend college. Based on yearly statistics, the school deems these students at risk of not graduating. The scholarship allows these children, their parents, and their friends to prepare for a future where higher education is a reality.

To receive the scholarship, the five students must graduate from West Liberty High School, fulfilling all graduation requirements, and participate in the Dream Catchers mentor program from grades three through twelve.