PTO Science Night

Dream Catchers and the WLCSD PTO joined forces to co-sponsor Science Night (Noche de Ciencias) on April 25, 2019.  It was a very engaging evening; everyone who attended spent at least 90 minutes at the event.  The offerings were interactive: children peered into microscopes, examined their hands under black light after using hand sanitizer, performed small experiments such as how many drops of water they could collect on a penny, held a live snake, made and tested paper airplanes, made slime, tested their engineering skills with an egg drop, learned about density of various liquids, walked a plank from a skyscraper in virtual reality, used pipettes, made DNA bracelets, watched a demonstration of Charles’ law, won prizes made by a 3-D printer, learned facts about corn and make air-launched rockets.  How wonderful it was to observe children enjoying science.  Here is a link to a webpage with links to videos of the event: