What We Do

The Dream Catchers Scholarship

Five students are randomly selected from a pool of third grade applicants who are on the free or reduced lunch program and whose parents did not attend college every year. Based on yearly statistics, the school deems these students at risk of not graduating. The scholarship allows these children, their parents, and their friends to prepare for a future where higher education is a reality.

To receive a college scholarship, the five students from each year must graduate from West Liberty High School fulfilling all graduation requirements and participate in the Dream Catchers Mentoring Program from grades three through twelve.

The Dream Catchers Individual Mentoring Program

This program is for the students selected for the Dream Catchers scholarships. An individual mentor meets with each scholarship-selected student (“Dreamer”) once a week. Mentors are successful people in the community who have a desire to work with children. Contact with the school and teachers enhance mentors abilities to help dreamers with their academic success.

The Dream Catchers Group Mentoring Program

Early empowerment is the key to making a lasting difference in young people’s lives.”

Group mentoring is open to all West Liberty students. In group mentoring meetings, students meet with guest speakers and go on field-trips which open their eyes to new opportunities. The Dream Catchers Group Mentoring Program is designed to give children a greater range of experiences and career goals that include higher education.

In Dream Catchers, we believe that early empowerment is the key to making a lasting difference in young people’s lives. By third grade, a child’s future may already be decided by their attitude, outlook and circumstances, giving many young people the idea that college is unavailable.

Dream Catchers provides children in the West Liberty community with the knowledge that they can indeed succeed in college. At Dream Catchers, we use three powerful methods to help West Liberty youth reach their dreams:

One: The Dream Catchers Scholarship Program

Two: The Dream Catchers Individual Mentor Program

Three: The Dream Catchers Group Mentor Program.

With this effective strategy, current “Dreamers” in our program are already seeing significant improvements in their grades and are well on their way to attaining a post-secondary education!

Dream Catchers has helped me a lot. In third grade I used to get F’s and now I get A’s and B’s. They have also supported me in many things such as school, self esteem, personality and courage for trying new things. It is cool too, because we do many things like have field trips and visit different people and also learn interesting facts. Plus we have mentors which helps a lot with reading, homework and grades. I don’t know where I’d be without Dream Catchers, It’s the best.”—Randy Tapia