Five third graders are selected each year to participate in the West Liberty Youth Dream Catchers program


Students are matched with local volunteers from all walks of life and mentored throughout their participation in the program


Kids who complete the program and graduate from high school are given a scholarship to attend an institution of higher learning

Rebecca Vargas WLDC Academic Mentor Cooridinator


Our Dreamers

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Vivian Ramirez - Age 12

"I like dream catchers. I love going on the field trips. It's an honor to be in this program. I loved my mentor! Overall Dream Catchers is one of the best things that has ever happened to me! When i say this i think I'm speaking for all the students in this program."

Randy Tapia

"Dream Catchers has helped me a lot. In third grade I used to get F’s and now I get A’s and B’s. They have also supported me in many things such as school, self esteem, personality and courage for trying new things. It is cool to because we do many things like have field trips and visit different people and also learn interesting facts. Plus we have mentors which helps a lot like with reading, homework and grades. I don’t know where I’d be without Dream Catchers, It’s the best."

Grecia Ramirez - Age 10

"I like Dream Catchers. It is a great program. I like the field trips. Some of my friends are in the program too, so I get to hang out with them. My sister is in the program. This program is something nice to be in. It's going to help you all they way through high school."